Thursday, November 20, 2008

6 months later....

I haven't updated this blog in 6 months!!!!! I've been going through a lot lately, I'm joining the Navy and will be an officer in the nurse corps. Leading up to that, I've spent a lot more time at the gym than I have at the rink. But here's the progress (if any)...

Took a couple sessions of LTS classes. I don't know exactly what level I'm at, but somwhere between USFSA Freeskate 2 and 5.

Jumps: Waltz is my best and I'm getting great height on it. It's hard to believe that a year ago, I was too scared to jump forward! Toeloops are good, Salchows on most days are good too. I have landed my loop and have landed a flip, though only ONCE. I'm still proud of it.

Spirals: Went to the outdoor downtown rink a few nights ago and my husband noted remarkable improvment in my spiral. I haven't been stretching much, but getting going to the gym must be helping. (Total pounds lost in a year = 15, Down two dress sizes) I even did a catchfoot/bielmann type spiral that my husband said went above my head. COOL!

Spins: Not much progress with theses. My blades are rather flat. But.....I did my first real scratch spin ever two nights ago!!!!! After numerous different instructors tried helping me with my spins, my husband (the physics genius) fixed it all. As I was entering my spin from BXOs and a LFO3, I kept my free leg straight as I hooked the spin and just slowly brought it in a crossed it over. Apparently I was bending my freeleg and just bringing it to the side of my skating leg like a stork and then attempting to cross. Not too pretty. I also have the problem of having a big butt so I have to really concentrate on not sticking out my booty in a spin. lol.... I think I need to hire my husband as my coach.

And I'm still Coachless. But, I will be moving to Virginia in February, upgrading my blades, and continuing with lessons!


Gordon said...

wow, lots of changes. Congrats on your progress!

payyourbills said...

Hello, I have enjoyed your blog! I just came across it after searching for other adult figure skater blogs. I have just started skating about a month ago, I too have started a blog ( Your earlier entries were an encouragement for the level I am at right now. There is hope! Thanks for the great read.

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