Thursday, November 20, 2008

6 months later....

I haven't updated this blog in 6 months!!!!! I've been going through a lot lately, I'm joining the Navy and will be an officer in the nurse corps. Leading up to that, I've spent a lot more time at the gym than I have at the rink. But here's the progress (if any)...

Took a couple sessions of LTS classes. I don't know exactly what level I'm at, but somwhere between USFSA Freeskate 2 and 5.

Jumps: Waltz is my best and I'm getting great height on it. It's hard to believe that a year ago, I was too scared to jump forward! Toeloops are good, Salchows on most days are good too. I have landed my loop and have landed a flip, though only ONCE. I'm still proud of it.

Spirals: Went to the outdoor downtown rink a few nights ago and my husband noted remarkable improvment in my spiral. I haven't been stretching much, but getting going to the gym must be helping. (Total pounds lost in a year = 15, Down two dress sizes) I even did a catchfoot/bielmann type spiral that my husband said went above my head. COOL!

Spins: Not much progress with theses. My blades are rather flat. But.....I did my first real scratch spin ever two nights ago!!!!! After numerous different instructors tried helping me with my spins, my husband (the physics genius) fixed it all. As I was entering my spin from BXOs and a LFO3, I kept my free leg straight as I hooked the spin and just slowly brought it in a crossed it over. Apparently I was bending my freeleg and just bringing it to the side of my skating leg like a stork and then attempting to cross. Not too pretty. I also have the problem of having a big butt so I have to really concentrate on not sticking out my booty in a spin. lol.... I think I need to hire my husband as my coach.

And I'm still Coachless. But, I will be moving to Virginia in February, upgrading my blades, and continuing with lessons!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I've have a hard time with some elements lately. My 3turns are getting to be really bad, and I can not center a spin, no matter how hard I try or what I fix. I've made sure my shoulders aren't dropping, I keep a good strong core, and make sure my free hip doesn't drop. Still, nothing worked. I couldn't find the sweet spot on my blade either and just made a traveling looping mess every time I spun.

I asked a skating buddy about this, and she suggested that I get my skates sharpened. She also said one edge may be higher or lower than the other (which has happened to hers in the past). We made plans to get our skates sharpened. As embarressed as I was at the condition of the blades (inside edges were getting quite dull), I sucked it up and got them sharpened by someone who is very very reputable.

Surely enough, edges on BOTH blades were VERY uneven. With the right blade worse than the left. The skate sharpener spent a significant amount of time correcting the problem, and the blades look great! I will be able to try it out tomorrow.

Could the uneven edges be the root of my skating problems??? I'm not a fan of super sharp blades, but I have a feeling that my spins will significantly improve, my 3turns may come back for good, and jumps may even improve. I wish there was a rink open right now so I could try them out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, I've been making some progress. No longer wiping out on the toe loops. However when I asked my husband how my toe loops were looking, he said "well, at least you didn't fall on your face" Yeah. Very reassuring.

I've been working on one foot spins and trying to get a scratch spin. I can get my leg up and slightly crossed over my skating leg, but then I lose it. LTS instructor told me to try lifing my hip on my free leg. Seems to make a bit of a difference. She reassured me that it will take time to achieve. (but I want it now!!!!) I've been attempting sit spins too, though it probably just looks like I'm trying to stick out my butt and place my free leg in front of me. At least it's a start.

Waltzes are getting much better, and it doesn't take me forever to warm up to them during each session. Still working on jumping more than just stepping. And arms. They're important when jumping. They shouldn't just flop around.

Salchows are inconsistent, and since starting the salchow jump, my LFO3 became very scratchy. I've seemed to have lost it completely!!!

Anyways, here is a montage of my practice video from today. Not stellar, but better than the last video I posted. I am even working on a spread eagle, since I apparently have great turnout. Turnout is great for some stuff (spread eagles, spirals, mohawks, Ina bauers...) but it REALLY sucks for 3turns!!!!!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

new video, Toe loops, and surprise Salchow

I have a new video now of the jumps I'm working on. My waltz jump is improving dramatically - the ones in the video are a bit old. I'm using my arms a lot more when jumping. In class we were taught a toe loop, and I've been really hesistant about this jump. That's because of all the wipeouts I've had with it - hard nasty falls. I was making some progress the other day so I decided to video tape it. Then, one of my skate buddies showed me a Salchow. I tried it and voila!! I can do a salchow a heck of a lot better than a toe loop. It's cheated (not a full rotation) but it's a start. I even got one on video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Haven't posted in awhile...

I realized it's been a month since I've posted anything. Well, I went on vacation for two weeks to VA and today was my first day back on the ice. I'm taking the Adult Advance class again and working on all sorts of stuff.

Waltz Jumps: Finally got over my fear. Started with jumping over the hockey lines, then got more comfortable jumping on the circle. Now I can jump just about anywhere. It's still a bit flat footed, but I'm working on bringin the free leg up and getting a little more height on the jump. I'm pleased with the little bit of progress I'm making.

Spins: After two weeks, my one foot spin has actually improved!!!! They don't travel as much, and I think I'm not on my toepick as much either. Attempted backspins in class today....what an unnatural feeling. Not successful with the back pivot, but had some success from a RFI 3-turn. Any tips are greatly appreciated!!!

Toeloop: Can walk through it no problem. When attempting to jump, I wipe out. Majorly. I'm talking about the kind of falls where you're all of a sudden on your A$$ on the ice and don't know how you got there. Yuck. Ouch. Maybe I should wait awhile before trying these again.

Mazurka: Learned this today. Strange jump. Can't remember if it's a half revolution jump or more of a bunny hop. Needs more scissor motion.

More to come later. I'll post about the ice show I'm watching this weekend too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Video of progress. Yes I know I need to jump off my toepick on my waltz jump, and NOT bend my picking leg when doing half flips. But still, I'll pleased!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bitten by the Pre-Bronze Bug

Watched a test session this past weekend. Got to see the only adult testing MITF (Bronze level). Seeing that I could do some of the moves on the Bronze level, I am very confident that I can do Pre-Bronze.

I've met two adult skaters who are also working on Pre-Bronze and I'm hooked. I think they're testing in a couple of months. If I can make major progress on my FI3s, and clean up my BI edges a bit, I can make it. I can swing $40 a month for lessons every other week. I must. It's an addiction!!!! And I have such confidence now.

Now all I have to do is decide on a coach. I took a private lesson from my LTS instructor months ago, and haven't had a private lesson from her since then due to some emergent health issues and money. I think our schedules conflict, so I may need to switch instructors. I guess the most professional thing to do is approach old instructor about my plans and schedule needs, and if it doesn't fit, then go with a different new instructor that all my adult buddies take lessons from (and who has a very open schedule). I can totally do this. Any advice on switching instructors??